Trial license

How to obtain a trial license

Please follow the instructions below to obtain a free 14 day trial license for all Softdrill NL software.  With the trial license, all functionality is available without restriction.  Only printed output is stamped with a watermark, identifying it as output from an unlicensed version.

No need to re-install

There is no need to re-install the software if you decide to purchase one or more licenses.  Simply plug in (hardware) or install (software) the license key and continue working!


Download and install the CodeMeter License Management Runtime

The first step is to install the CodeMeter License Management Runtime.  The Runtimes allows the software to communicate with the license keys.

Go to the CodeMeter Download page, log in with the credentials of the account that was created and follow the instructions to download the CodeMeter installation package. Run the downloaded file to install the CodeMeter Runtime.

If installed correctly, the CodeMeter icon will appear in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen.

Open the CodeMeter Control Center

Double-click the CodeMeter icon in the system tray to open the CodeMeter Control Center.


Download and install a Softdrill NL program

As a next step, at least one of the Softdrill NL software packages must be downloaded and installed:

If required, log in and download the package(s) of your choice. Install the program by running the downloaded file.  Again, full administrative access to the computer is required.

Import the License Information File

Open the folder where the program you just installed is located. Unless you specifically selected another folder than the recommended default location this folder will be located in a sub-folder of C:Program Files (x86)Softdrill NL.

For example: the Torque & Drag program will be installed in C:Program Files (x86)Softdrill NLTDrag. In this folder locate file Softdrill_Trial.wbb and simply drag it onto the CodeMeter Control Center window.


Produce the License Activation File

This will import the License Information File and appear in the CodeMeter Control Center as ‘Virtual Trial License’ with status Empty License Container.

Please note that this is not a working trial license yet! It must first be activated.


In the CodeMeter Control Center, click on the Activate License button and follow the steps in the wizard to Create a License Request file. Save this file to a folder of your choice (click the … button to change) and then send it by email to with the request to activate your trial license.

You may freely change the folder you save this file in but do not change the file name itself!

Activating your trial license

By return email you will receive a License Activation File from Softdrill NL. To activate your trial license, execute the following steps:

  • Save the file to a folder on your computer (e.g. desktop)
  • Open the CodeMeter Control Center
  • Drag the License Activation File on the CodeMeter Control Center

You are now ready to begin your free 14 day trial license. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!