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Softdrill NL Space Out Calculator

Softdrill NL Space Out is a FREE utility program that calculates all possible combinations from a given list of pipe lengths to achieve a given length.

A list of lengths is input (or imported by copy & paste from another program, like Microsoft Excel) together with the required length and within less than a second, the program will calculate and list all combinations possible.  The total length and difference with the target length (gap) is given for each combination.  This allows the user to determine if the gap is within an acceptable margin.

For a detailed explanation and downloading the program, please go to the Space Out product page.


Application of declination and grid correction (PDF)

Document describing how to correctly apply declination and grid correction (convergence) to magnetic survey readings. Also describes the effect on local survey coordinates when changing north reference and the importance of accurately describing reference datums.

Revision 5, 29 Feb 2012: Correction to error in example calculation (page 6 & 7).


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