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Softdrill NL Space Out Calculator

Tired of puzzling which pipes to run from an available inventory in order to achieve the desired space out length?  Input the available pipe lengths and the required total length and Softdrill NL Space Out will calculate the optimum selections – ordered by gap with the target length – within seconds!  Alternatively, the program can also be used to figure out the optimum length for a dedicated space out pup joint if the target length cannot be approached close enough.

A detailed explanation of the program and how to use it can be found here.

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There are two options to download: the Windows Installer installs Space Out on your computer. It creates a Windows menu entry, a desktop short-cut and associates the .soc file extension with the program (double click file to open program).  The Zip File can be downloaded and extracted to any folder.  This is ideal if you cannot install the program on a computer because of administrative restrictions or if you just wish to run it a from a USB stick.

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Application of declination and grid correction (PDF)

Document describing how to correctly apply declination and grid correction (convergence) to magnetic survey readings. Also describes the effect on local survey coordinates when changing north reference and the importance of accurately describing reference datums.

Revision 5, 29 Feb 2012: Correction to error in example calculation (page 6 & 7).

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