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Torque & Drag - Version 5.9.1

Installation package for the latest version of the Torque and Drag software.

This version of Torque & Drag uses a new file format.

Due to a requirement to fix a bug with storing logo’s in the Torque & Drag files, a new file format was defined. With this file format, the logo’s are correctly stored (i.e. compressed and encoded), independent of Windows language and character settings (e.g. Cyrillic characters).

Version 5.8.2 (and newer) use the new file format. Whilst these versions can read the old file format, the new file format cannot be read by older versions of the program (up to 5.7.1). Files of the old format are automatically converted to the new format when saved with version 5.8.2 or higher.

If you experience any problem opening important archived files, please send us a message through the Support Request Form.

To see what’s new in this release, please refer to the Torque & Drag What’s New section.

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For detailed information on the Torque & Drag program, please refer to the integrated Help which is also available online.