Well Reporting System - Previous release

Well Reporting System - Version 2.7.1

Installation package for the previous version of the Well Reporting System (WellRep) software.

In case of unforeseen issues arise with the latest version of WellRep, it may be required to (temporarily) roll back to the previous edition.  Should this happen, then take the following steps:

  1. Secure the database(s) in use by copying the entire database folders to a temporary location (e.g. a USB stick). These files should be retained until all issues have been solved and the new version is working correctly.
  2. Uninstall the new version of WellRep and reboot the computer.
  3. Download the previous version of WellRep (below) and install.  Reboot as required.
  4. File a bug report with Softdrill NL, describing the issue as detailed as possible.

It is not required to uninstall the CodeMeter License Manager software, unless instructed by Softdrill NL.

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