Well Reporting System - What's New

Version 2.7.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.4. No database upgrade is required if upgrading from version 2.5.1 or later.

New features

  • From version 2.7.1 only 00:00 is allowed as Report Time.  This is now enforced on new wells and cannot be modified.
  • Column ‘Stab Gauge’ may now be hidden on the Wellpath – Drilling Parameters grid.


  • Changed drop-down list for Activity Code on Daily Report Form to a grouped list for easier selection of the correct code.
  • Implemented new export format on Lookup Tables (similar to Well Export format implemented in version 2.5.1).
  • Changed icons for Well, Wellpath, BHA and Daily Report (buttons in main form and form icons).

Bug fixes

  • Drop-down list for Tool Style in Inventory grid was empty on secondary use (for changed tool style) making it impossible to select/change tool style for more than one tool record without closing and re-opening the form.
  • If Bit or Mud Motor was added to the BHA Tally and Inventory by entering a new serial number (green + sign in BHA tally), the bit and motor serial number would appear blank on the BHA Pick Up and BHA Run Reports.
  • Removed read-only from Drilling Hours and Circulating/Reaming Hours on the Wellpath – Drilling Parameters grid. These hours may now be input manually but will be overwritten on calculation when using the Date & Time From/To columns.  Read more…
  • Corrected display of references on Wellpath – Wellplan tab

Version 2.6.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.4. No database upgrade is required if upgrading from version 2.5.1 or later.

New features

  • Optional hiding of columns Date, Time From and Time To in Wellpath Drilling Parameters. These fields are optional and may therefore be hidden to create more space for other columns. Function accessible through popup (right-click) menu on grid or column headers.
  • For all grids, the popup (right-click) menu has been extended to copy All or Selected records to clipboard. A third option has been added to include/exclude column headers. This setting applies throughout the program and is persisted between sessions.


  • When adding a new Daily Drilling Report, the user is now presented with the option to copy data from a previous Daily Drilling Report.
  • Changed the input method for Activity Code on the daily report form to a simplified drop-down list.
  • Before deleting a mud record on the Wellpath form, the user is now warned (with option to cancel) that the record will also be deleted from the related Daily Drilling Report (same database table).
  • Copy Daily Report Data. Reversed order; now first select Daily Report to copy from and then the data sections to copy.
  • Modified selection boxes (BHA, daily report), so that a suggested record is selected when first showing the selection box.
  • Removed Indicator and Navigator from the daily tool hours grid on the daily report form.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected error in report generator causing the Wellpath Drilling Parameters report to become scrambled.
  • Corrected layouts and glyphs on toolbars in data forms.
  • Total of Interval (Wellpath – Parameters) was not correctly converted (ft/m).
  • Corrected renumbering Running Order in calculation of detailed casing tally. Now all elements grouped in an assembly are assigned the same running order number.
  • When starting a sidetrack in the Daily Activities (activity code 420), Daily Progress was calculated as a negative number.
  • Modified calculation; if progress < 0, then calculate MD From as minimum MDEnd between DateTime for MDFrom and MDTo. Also modified calculation of BHA In/Out and Hours; code 420 is now used to overrule calculation of MDIn from activity code 401.
  • Wellpath – Survey. Newly entered records sometimes disappeared on posting (saving).
  • Wellpath – Mud now traps blank ReportDate (link to Daily Drilling Report). A blank report date causes error in sorting.
  • Fixed clipped text in grid footer cells.
  • Error when inserting/appending new record in Drilling Parameters Off Bottom (”-9223372036854775808′ is not a valid floating point value’).

Version 2.5.3

Release notes

  • Service release 3. This is a cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.4. No database upgrade is required if upgrading from version 2.5.1 or later.
  • IMPORTANT: This release completely replaces version 2.5.2.  Do not use the installation package for version 2.5.2.

New features

  • No new features.


  • No new enhancements.

Bug fixes

  • Error in program installer (version 2.5.2). Due to incorrect file assignment, some new tables (database version 2.4) where installed in addition to an existing database. This resulted in a failure of the database update script (version 2.3 -> 2.4) and possible database corruption.
  • If an inventory contained tools with the same backload number but different backload dates, the database update script (version 2.3 -> 2.4) would fail with possible loss of data.
  • The Manage Backloads function (Well – Inventory) failed for wells where no backload was defined. As a result, backloads could not be defined and assigned to inventory tools.
  • Reset scrollbars throughout program to classic appearance.
  • Error in calculation of casing tally when using comma as decimal separator.

Bugs fixed in version 2.5.2

  • Bug fixed in version 2.5.1 was not correctly applied to Casing Tally & Cementing form. As a result it was not possible to insert new records in Reference Casing, Casing Tally or Cementing data grids (error: ‘-9223372036854775808’ is not a valid floating point value)
  • The BHA Graphic Report was incorrectly scaled on some computers due to computer specific settings. Updated report template and program code to correct the problem.

Version 2.5.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.4. Database must be upgraded after installation of the program. Instructions can be found here.
  • Stored procedures library SD_WellRepProcedures.aep was modified and must be copied to non-standard database folders.

New features

  • Added non-conformance reports (NCR) to Well form. Single or multiple NCR’s may be printed per well (similar to casing tally report).
  • New well export format. Well data is now exported in single file (with extension .wrxx). Multiple wells may be exported (to separate files) in a single operation to a folder of choice. It is now also possible to import multiple export files in a single operation. On import, the database version of the export file is now also checked against the database version in use to prevent unintended data loss.
  • Print settings (page no., section no. and report specific settings) may now be stored per report type.
  • Added Wellplan Version to wellpath table. Shown above wellplan on Well form and printed in header of wellplan report.


  • Equipment and Accessory backloads are now pre-defined in a separate table. The pre-defined backloads specify backload no., backload date and return address. In the Equipment or Accessory Inventory the backload may then be selected from a drop-down list (Backload column) and the Off Location date will be set accordingly. The Off Location can no longer be edited.
  • Single or multiple Backload Reports may be printed per well (similar to casing tally report and NCR).
  • Changed index (sort order) of Formations on Wellpath form. As a result prognosed formations (i.e. no actual MD top) may also be input.
  • When calculating the BHA composition (tally), the composition is checked for duplicate Inventory references. Using the same reference twice or more will result in incorrect calculation of tool hours (e.g. on Tool Utilization report).
  • Selection dialog box (e.g. when printing reports) now includes checkboxes for selection.
  • Serial Number now mandatory (enforced) in Equipment Inventory.
  • All program settings now stored in Windows Registry.

Bug fixes

  • P/U, Rot & S/O weights on Daily Report (drilling parameters) were sometimes not printed. This was caused by printing values from the last record which were possibly not recorded (left blank). Values now taken from last recorded in printed dataset.
  • Profile point (stabilizer size) on Motor Run report was incorrectly converted (OD/ID instead of Hole Size).
  • When deleting a well, lessons learned and daily tool hours were not deleted accordingly. This resulted in errors when importing a well.
  • When attempting to add records in some tables (BHA Mud and Company lookup) an error would occur ‘-9223372036854775808 is not a valid floating point value’).
  • It was not possible to delete a Daily Report from the Main Form.
  • An error would occur when calculating a Daily Report form with a Wellpath form open.
  • If an image for a specific tool class was not found in the database, the entire tool record would be omitted from the BHA Graphic report. The record is now printed but with a blank image.

Version 2.4.3

Release notes

  • Service release replacing version 2.4.2 (due to important bug fix).
  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • No database upgrade required when upgrading program from version 2.3.1 or newer.

New features

  • Integrated help. Accessible through main menu (Help > WellRep Help…), help button in various forms or pressing F1.
  • Well Inventory Report. Print listing of tools in Well Equipment Inventory. Optionally print tools on location (Off Location Date is blank) only.
  • Time Distribution Report. Print pie charts showing distribution of Planned, Unplanned, NPT and WOW events as percentage of total time on well. The second chart shows the distribution of Root Causes as percentage of NPT time.


  • Option in context menu (right-click) to set Off Location Date and Backload No. on multiple selected records in Equipment and Accessory Inventory.
  • Printing tool hours on Daily Report now optional (select in print dialog).
  • Added option to carry over daily report data (e.g. BOP test date, pump liners) from a previous daily report (option in copy data dialog).
  • Header text color on reports may now be changed through Utility > Settings… on the main menu.
  • Additional lookup tables (Utility > Lookup Data Maintenance…) may now be exported/imported for improved exchange between databases.
  • Replaced Tool Weight column with Cumulative Length on BHA Pick Up and BHA Run Report.
  • Moved current file name in units of measurement editor from form title bar to label. File name was often too long for form title bar making the file name unreadable.
  • All commands available through buttons at bottom of Casing Tally form now also available in tally grid view through context menu (right-click).

Bug fixes

  • Due to error in third party component it was not possible to add new records to Lessons Learned (Well) or Mud (Daily Report).
  • Mud data on Wellpath form incorrectly sorted by date (used display text instead of date value).
  • In the rare case that a formation top was exactly equal to the BHA depth in, an error would occur when retrieving (calculating) formations for that BHA.


  • On first use, incorrect colors were applied to report preview window.
  • Active well color not correctly applied to well selection grid in main form.
  • When a warning was displayed about incorrect Activity Class or Root Cause when saving a Daily Activity record, the grid view appeared empty (no data) until OK was clicked.
  • Issue with exporting lookup table(s) if decimal separator was set to comma. Now (temporarily) forced to decimal point during export.
  • Issue with launching TDrag module from BHA if decimal separator was set to comma. Now (temporarily) forced to decimal point during export.
  • Error in calculation of wellpath formations (missing parameter in stored procedure call).
  • Error (‘invalid type cast’) when selecting Qty, Unit Price or Comments column whilst editing a Budget record on well form.
  • Setting reference casing for casing tally records failed – without warning – if no reference casing (top grid) was selected. Added warning message.
  • Do not draw a bit in BHA profile schematic if no or unknown bit is in BHA.
  • Removed data navigator from grid view where not applicable (e.g. grids used for selection only).
  • Removed casing table from Utility > Lookup Data Maintenance. Table not used anymore (shared files with TDrag).

Version 2.3.3

Release notes

  • Service release containing important bug fixes.
  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • No database upgrade required when upgrading program from version 2.3.1 or 2.3.2

Bug fixes

  • BHA mud data. Data was not converted and displayed incorrectly on BHA Run Report. Please review existing data.
  • Fixed error in Help / About dialog box which in certain returned an error when retrieving license expiry date.
  • Some database tables missing in version 2.3.2 installer. Tables were auto-created but with corrupted index.

Version 2.3.2

Release notes

  • Service release containing important bug fixes.
  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • No database upgrade required when upgrading program from version 2.3.1


  • Measured depth unit in Survey Import dialog box (Wellpath Form) is now set to current unit of measurement. Data from clipboard or file is thus assumed to be in the same unit. If not, unit can be adjusted before importing data.

Bug fixes

  • Drilling Parameters and Surveys not printed on Daily Drilling Report. Data is now printed for BHA’s used in Daily Activities and for depth range overlapping with Daily Report depth range.
  • Printing of Tool Information (serial number, description, etc.) was incorrectly suppressed on first tool in Daily Tool Hours section on the Daily Drilling Report.

Version 2.3.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.3. Run SD_DBUpdater.exe with the update correct script AFTER completing this installation.
  • Library SD_WellRepProcedures.aep was modified and must be copied to non-standard database folders (i.e. other than c:databasewellrep).


  • Added Date On Location and Date Off Location to serial number drop-down box to differentiate multiple occurences of the same serial number.
  • Re-designed several forms (e.g. BHA query, casing tally & cement) to fit smaller screens (e.g. laptops).
  • Added a calculator editor to Tool Length column on BHA Tally and Well Inventory.
  • Updated report templates for Well Summary Report and Daily Cost Report (included grid lines).
  • Removed group-by box from Well Plot Settings dialog box (no use for this box).

Bug fixes

  • Added HSE Events to Lookup Data Maintenance Form so user can define HSE Event Types that are used in the drop-down list on the Daily Report Form for consistent input.
  • Included HSE Events (Daily Report) in Well Export and Import.
  • Reference Casing, Casing Tally and Cement Stage data was not deleted when the well or parent casing string (Well Form) was deleted. This caused errors when the well was imported again from an export file (duplicate records).
  • Fixed a bug in the Copy Tally function (BHA form) that made the function unusable.
  • Fixed a bug in restoring the Form History on the Main Form. In some cases the data became corrupted and the program could no longer be started. Corrupt or invalid data is now ignored and removed from the History.
  • Removed the system beep when using the Ditto (Ctrl-D) function in data grids. This function copies the value from the cell above the current in the same column.
  • When adding new Profile Points to a tool record in the BHA tally, these disappeared after posting (saving to the database). To make them re-appear data had to be refreshed. Now data stays in view when posting to database.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of casing records (Well Form) that occurred occasionally, depending on status of survey/wellplan data.

Version 2.2.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.2. Run SD_DBUpdater.exe with the update correct script AFTER completing this installation.
  • Library SD_WellRepProcedures.aep was modified and must be copied to non-standard database folders (i.e. other than c:databasewellrep).

New features

  • Added HSE events to Daily Report.
  • Added Composition field (tally summary) to BHA. Field value calculated with BHA. Now printed on Daily Report.
  • Included MWD/LWD sensors in BHA profile schematic.


  • New report templates for all reports. New templates include grids and boxes around data and sections. Old templates remain available.
  • Added splash screen to program.
  • Loading of BHA forms was slow due to license checking for Torque & Drag plugin. License check now at program start.
  • Improved toolbars with new graphics. Option to display large or small buttons on main form.
  • Printing reports in data forms modified to drop-down box for report type selection and single print button.
  • Added fields to Cement Stage data; Thickening Time, Thickness and Losses (Run, Circ, Cement and Displace).
  • Improved program flow for Import Well Function. The user must now confirm the select file (well) may be imported (allowing the user to cancel the import).

Bug fixes

  • Improved scaling of BHA profile schematic on reports. On some occasions the schematic was too wide for the page.
  • Corrected Find BHA form. If criteria box is collapsed, query result now fills entire form (instead of form resizing).
  • Time-depth chart; corrected calculation of fractional days (error when preparing TD curves).
  • Corrected opening/closing of data tables when printing Time Summary for well (pie chart). One table was not correctly closed so every additional report (for another well) would yield a ‘no data for report’ error.
  • It was possible to click OK in the database login box with incomplete data. Program now checks if all data is provided and prevents the dialog from closing if this is not the case.

Version 2.1.1

Release notes

  • Cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped.
  • Requires database version 2.1. Run SD_DBUpdater.exe with the update correct script AFTER completing this installation.
  • Library SD_WellRepProcedures.aep was modified and must be copied to non-standard database folders (i.e. other than c:databasewellrep).

New features

  • New and improved lookup data for Drill Pipe, HWDP, Drill Collar and Casing/Tubing.
  • Added option to build user-defined catalogues for above pipe classes.
  • Pipe lookup data now shared among all Softdrill NL programs.


  • Use new lookup tables (including user-defined catalogue) for casing data (Well Form)
  • Improved layout view of cement stage input (Tally & Cement dialog box)
  • Improved layout view of Lessons Learned input (Well Form)
  • All lookup data now from in-memory tables (vs. from database) for faster loading and program efficiency.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in Daily Reports View (Main Form selection).  This caused an error on Advantage Database version 12.
  • Casing OD, ID and Drift now converted as pipe diameter (vs. hole size)
  • Corrected title for Print Well Summary dialog box
  • Refresh Casing Tally data if Reference Casing data is modified (Casing Tally & Cement Stage dialog box.

Version 2.0.2

Release notes

Software protected by the CodeMeter licensing system. All previous installations and the Sentinel HASP licensing system should be completely removed before installing this version.

Completely new user interface design (SDI) and appearance.

The main form now uses data grids for navigation. Data navigation may be customized by using the options to sort, group and filter wells.

Requires database version 2.0. Please run SD_DBUpdater.exe from application folder with Update_1-7.sql to upgrade version 1.7 databases. To update older versions of the database, running of prior update scripts first will be required (i.e. to update from 1.4 to 1.6, first run Update_1-4.sql and then Update_1-5.sql). This process must be repeated for each database used with this installation.

New features

Analysis menu now includes option Find BHA to search for BHA’s based on hole size, bit type, stabilizer gauge and distance from bit etc.

A BHA summary table can now (optionally) be printed on Well Summary Report.

On the Wellpath form, a well plan may now also be imported (before this was only possible for surveys).

Under Utility / Settings the user may now specify Tool Classes (default: Bit, Motor & RSS) for which hours are tracked on the Daily Report. For each tool hours “today” (current BHA), before “today” (current BHA) and hours in previous BHA runs (current well) are calculated with a cumulative total on the current well. The hours calculation is printed on the daily report (replaces bit and motor hours on previous versions).

Added Export, Import and Maintenance to Lookup Maintenance dialog (Cost Items and Company Names this version).
NOTE: Company names (e.g. Operator and Contractor on Well Form) can now only be selected from a drop-down list. For existing databases, the lookup table may be empty and existing data may show in forms as blank. Please add company names to the lookup table as required (Utility / Lookup Data Maintenance -> Company tab).

Added ActivityClass and RootCause fields to Daily Activity table. The existing NPT & SI fields are now hidden but will be filled, based on the value entered in ActivityClass.


Added Hole Size to equipment inventory. This is a helper field to sort, filter or group tools by hole size.

Extended mud data input and changed to a layout (card) grid view on DDR; added multiple properties.

Display progress box when calculating entire well.

Improved wellplot dialog. All wellpaths on well can now be displayed. A settings dialog was added to set wellpath and grid properties (visible, color, thickness, markers and labels).

Changed layout of the Lessons Learnt grid (Well Form) to a Card View.

Pinning of data forms still possible, but now with a so-called toggle switch (top-right of form).

Cement Stage (casing tally) changed to layout (card) grid view.

Bug fixes

Error in Degrees – Minutes – Seconds input of Latitude and Longitude (Well Form). Seconds value > 59 and < 60 were incorrectly rounded down to 59.0000 (maximum value of edit box set to 59 instead of 59.9999).

Added maintenance query on well import to ensure ActivityClass field (Daily Operations) is correctly populated on import of legacy import files.

MD End footer value on daily operations is now correctly converted to the unit of measurement in use.

Data handling on Well Journal Report was corrected. Because the data query was not closed correctly on completion of the report, the next report would be empty (“no data found” message).

Version 1.0.24

Release notes

This release is a roll up. All previous releases may be skipped.

Requires database version 1.7.  Existing databases (previous program version) must be upgraded after installation.

The stored procedures library was modified. When using databases other than the default installed database (in folder c:databasewellrep), file SD_WellRepProcedures.aep must be copied to these database folders.

New features

Added Casing Tally and Cement Stages (+ report).  Data entered per casing string in Well form.  Select casing string and use button in toolbar to edit casing tally and cement records.

Added fields Country, Region, Area, Slot, Offshore, MSL and SB_GL to Well form.  Also included Latitude/Longtitude and Grid location of Well (manual input; no calculations!)

All data grids now support selection of multiple records (conform Windows standard with Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click).  This enables deleting multiple records at once, but also drag & drop of multiple tools between Inventory and BHA or BHA and BHA.

An entire BHA composition (Tally) can now be copied over by drag & drop in one operation!

BHA Tally tools with serial number must exist in Inventory.  Typically, tool was entered in Inventory and then selected in Serial Number drop-down in Tally.  Added option to create Serial Number and Inventory record from within the BHA tally.  User may enter all data (including Profile Points) in BHA Tally and click the Add button ([+]).  After entering a new serial number the Inventory record is then created with the new serial number and all data entered.

It is now allowed to drag tool records (multiple at the same time if required) from to a BHA from a BHA on another well.  Since tools with a serial number must exist in the Inventory, serial number will not be copied on drag & drop in that case.  Use the drop-down box or the [+] to quickly select or create new serial numbers.  The [+] function will automatically create the required Inventory record from the copied tool record in the Tally.

Added export and import option to Lookup Data Maintenance dialog (Cost Codes only this version).  This is a very useful when setting up a new computer with WellRep as it saves having to re-enter all lookup values.  An option to update all existing well data in the database, for consistency with the new lookup data, is included.


Added Check All / Uncheck All buttons to Calculate Well dialog box.

Improved Lessons Learned tab sheet layout (Well form).

Added Tool Class ‘LWD’ and a variety of LWD sensors to default lookup data (added when updating database to version 1.7).

Added Hybrid (PDC/Roller Cone; e.g. Baker Kymera) as possible bit type (added when updating database to version 1.7).

Improved graphics on all buttons.  Reworked all code to improve overall and uniform appearance of program.

Display all relevant folders in WellRep Setting dialog box (e.g. program installation folder, common program settings folder, etc.).  Useful when troubleshooting installation or program issues.

Bug fixes

Release 1.0.24 – Fixed bug preventing adding of new Activity Records on Daily Report form.
Release 1.0.24 – Fixed bug where login to HASP key was not correctly released.

Well Type field: ‘S-Wel’ option corrected to ‘S-Well’ (existing data will be corrected when updating database to version 1.7).

Fixed error (“No data to print”) when printing reports (first time OK, thereafter error).

Expand buttons ([+]) in grid would disappear for allowed tool classes if empty Profile Point grid was collapsed.

Footers in BHA tally (e.g. total length) were missing.

Fixed error in calculation of Casing TVD (planned) if MD was blank.  This did not cause problems when editing data, but an error would occur when exporting/importing a well.

Improved error trapping on input of Profile Points (Inventory and Tally).  For example, Position field may not be blank.  Bend angles are now checked to be > 0.00° and < 3.00°.

In some cases BHA Profile Panel was not correctly updated when calculating.

Fixed error in BHA select query (i.e. select for printing).

Mud data for BHA was retrieved from Daily Report, based on depth.  This could include mud data for consecutive days (BHA out of hole) if depth did not increase (i.e. incorrect mud summary).

Optimized data calculations.  Only modified data is recalculated when moving to different data set (Well, Wellpath, BHA, etc).  On manual calculation (click calculate button or F9) all data is recalculated (forced).

Correctly update visible Well / Wellpath form after changing Cost / Mud data on Daily Report.

Fixed some settings in Budget/Actual (AFE) chart.

Update Bearing Play / Piston Depth label (Motor Details) when changing Bearing Type field.

Force Setting dialog box to first tab sheet when opened.