Using actual data

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When calculating Trip Log mode, actual data may be input for comparison to calculated data.  After calculating the trip log model, actual data may be input by selecting [Actual data...] from the Chart Menu (right-click the chart to access the menu).  This will display the following dialog box:



After closing this dialog box, the trip log chart will be updated to reflect the actual data.  This is very useful for monitoring when pulling out of hole or running in hole.

If actual data start to diverge increasingly from the calculated values whilst pulling out of hole or running in hole, this is usually a sign of inadequate hole cleaning (cutting beds).  If this happens, as shown on the chart below, it is generally recommended to stop pulling out (or running in) and first circulate clean at that point until actual reading have normalized.


This is sometimes referred to as the "diverge-converge" method.


Note that the POOH and RIH actual values are not related in this case (i.e. not for the same scenario), they are merely shown for demonstration purposes.




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