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Based on a proven prediction model, Softdrill NL Torque & Drag calculates surface tension, torque and contact forces on drill pipe, casing or tubing. An extensive database with pipe specifications, which may be further extended by the user, is included to make data input as easy as possible.


Particularly useful on deviated and horizontal wells, Torque & Drag can be used for equipment selection, drill string failure prevention, comparison of calculated and actual hook loads to ensure correct hole cleaning and even to calculate the required slack off weight to set a packer.


Shared with all Softdrill NL programs, the Torque & Drag program incorporates a framework to handle storing, displaying and printing of data in any unit of measurement.  Units  may be changed “on the fly” and settings can be saved to file for easy switching to any desired combination.


How to get started


Before you start working with the program, it is a prerequisite that you have a basic understanding of drilling operations and drill string design. 

With regards to torque & drag specifically, it is suggested to read through the following sections:


For an explanation of the functionalities in the main menu and the tool bar buttons, refer to Main Form.

For guidance on setting up a Torque & Drag model, refer to Torque & Drag Form.

For help on interpreting the calculated results and output charts, refer to Result Chart.

Information and explanation on the calculation model can be found in Calculation Model.



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