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Common to all Softdrill NL programs, Torque & Drag has full flexibility with regards to the units of measurement used for input and output.  All numeric data is stored in a consistent set of units (Imperial) when it is saved to file.  This is schematically depicted above.


The conversion mechanism is fully transparent to the user and allows the program to function fully independent of the selected units of measurement.  The advantage of this is two-fold:


1.Every user can work in his preferred units whilst working with the program and change to the required units just prior to printing the report(s) to be presented. 

2.At any given time the units may be changed and all open data forms will be updated accordingly.


Units may be changed at any time whilst working with the program.  This makes it possible to - for example - work on the data in the preferred units, change to the required units and print the reports. 

To access of variety of functions related to the units of measurements settings, select [File] – [Conversions…] from the main menu or click the button on the tool bar of the main form to open the units of measurement dialog:

Unit of measurement settings

Here the desired units of measurement (conversions) may be selected.  The Conversion Family column is the name of the logical group for which the unit of measurement is selected (note that some may not be applicable to Torque & Drag).  The Selected Unit column is a drop-down box with available units.  The Decimals column determines the number of decimals with which the converted data is displayed on-screen and in printed reports.


Click the header of the Conversion Family column to sort by group name.


Set default file location

The current units settings may be stored in a file for later re-use.  This function allows selection of the default folder to store these settings files.


Make current settings my default settings

Once the units settings are saved to file, check this box to make the file the default for all Softdrill NL programs.  For example, if the settings are saved as 'MySettings' and this box is checked, all Softdrill NL programs will restore the units of measurements to this file on start up.



Click to open a units settings file.


Save as...

Save the current units settings to a new file.  A folder and file name must be provided.


Save Button

Save the current units of measurement settings



By default, the unit definition files will be stored in the My Documents\Softdrill NL\Conversions folder which is created with some example definition files on installation of the Torque & Drag program.  Unit definition files may be exchanged as required between Torque & Drag installations.  Simply place the definition file in the required location and open it using the Open button on the dialog box, making it the default settings as required by checking the checkbox (3).

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