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What's new in Version 5.5.1


Release notes


This is a cumulative update – all previous versions may be skipped when upgrading.


New Features


Integrated Help. Accessible through Help in Main Menu or by pressing [F1] anywhere in the program. The 'Help on Chart' button was removed from the program.




Safety Factor input now as a percentage, which is converted internally.  For extreme cases, it is allowed to input a maximum value of 120%.  However, because the safety factor should - in normal cases - always be < 100%, the input box will be colored red for safety factors >= 100% to warn the user.

Multiple tool type now allowed (i.e. not just Drill Collar, HWDP, Drill Pipe or Casing).  Where applicable, the tool type will be mapped to the appropriate lookup dialog when clicking the ellipsis button (...) in the Description column (e.g. Stabilizer -> Drill Collar Lookup).

Improved Torque & Drag form layout. The Case Information group box may now be collapsed to have more screen space available (e.g. when viewing charts).

Data input for block and sheaves data now directly on Torque & Drag form (previously in separate dialog box).

Various cells in data grids (numeric input) now have a drop-down calculator.

Added data navigator bar to the data grid in the Actual Data dialog box.

Changed menu item caption from 'Conversions' to 'Units of Measurement' in the main menu.

For data cells (grids) that require a value, the error message - when attempting to leave the cell blank - was changed from 'Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)' to 'A value is required' to provide a more descriptive error message.  When this error is invoked, it is not possible to leave the cell until a value (any) is provided.


Bug fixes


The header for the Actual Weight (Act. Wt.) column in the drill string grid was incorrectly changed to 'Tension Limit' after changing units of measurement.

Corrected axes on the Tension / Torque / Normal Force chart to align correctly with the Inclination / DLS chart.

Column headers in Tortuosity grid were not updated after changing units of measurement.

Error message when attempting to change units of measurement with Case Information group box collapsed.

The Include Block Weight option in the Chart Menu did work.

Corrected label for Target Operational Mode combo-box in Calculate Friction Factor dialog box.

Data in Actual Data dialog box was not correctly formatted.

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