Connection types

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There are three types of connections that can be made to an Advantage database:




Local is the only manner in which a connection can be made to the Local edition of the Advantage database server.

To connect to the Client/Server edition, either a Remote or Internet connection must be made.  The Remote connection is intended for situation where the Advantage database server resides on the same computer as the WellRep application or another computer within the same local network (LAN).  Connecting to the Client/Server edition with a Local connection is not possible.

When attempting to connect to a database with a Remote connection that is already in use by a Local connection (i.e. mixing connection types), a database error (7077) will occur.

The Internet connection is intended to connect to an Advantage database server installed on a different network that is setup to accept incoming connections from the internet.  For assistance setting up an internet connection to a database, please contact Softdrill NL for assistance.


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