Need to know pump pressure, bit pressure drop and HSI?

Is pressure drop below the MWD sufficient?

Do you have sufficient annular velocity for hole cleaning?


Softdrill NL Hydraulics!

Softdrill NL Hydraulics is used to predict and analyse flow rates, pressure drops and fluid velocities for a given drillstring and hole geometry. The program incorporates the Power Law model and the Bingham model.  The program is easy to use and provides quick answers to ensure you BHA hydraulics are optimized.

Shared with all Softdrill NL programs, the Well Reporting System incorporates a framework to handle storing, displaying and printing of data in any unit of measurement.  Units  may be changed “on the fly” and settings can be saved to file for easy switching to any desired combination.

Easy data input

The user interface is easy to use and allows specification of individual string elements as one of three options:

  1. Internal Diameter (ID)
  2. Fixed pressure drop
  3. TFA (nozzle)

This allows for adding a wide variety of drilling tools with extreme flexibilty and calculate their pressure drop accurately. In addition the program calculates a variety of useful data such as individual pressure drop, annular velocity, bottoms up and full circulation time etc. to analyze the entire drilling system.

Customized MWD calculations

Hydraulics also includes a specific MWD segment, calculation specific requirements for the selected MWD tool, such pressure drop below tool, hydrostatic pressure on tool housing, fluid velocity around tool barrels, etc.. Additional tool types can be added upon request.