Units of Measurement

Units of measurement

All Softdrill NL programs includes a proprietary framework that handles units of measurement.  The framework converts data between storage (file or database) and on-screen or printed display.  This process, as graphically depicted above, is fully transparent to the user and has several advantages:

  • Units can be changed “on the fly”.
  • Database queries and summaries can be done easily.
  • Multiple users may work on the same database in their own preferred units.
  • Unit sets can be predefined and stored (e.g. per company) and exchanged with other users.

UOM_SettingsUnits of measurement, as well as the number of decimals displayed, can be freely defined by the user as shown in the screenshot.  Once defined, the settings may be saved to file.  The file can be defined as a default so that all Softdrill NL programs automatically load the file upon start-up.

Units of measurement settings may be changed “on the fly” whilst working with our programs.  This is as simple as setting a specific unit in the above dialog box or opening a specific file.  This makes it possible to work with the software in your preferred units and providing output (i.e. printed reports) in your company’s or customer’s preferred units by changing the units just before producing the output.

In the Well Reporting System it is even possible for different users to work on the same well data, each in their own preferred units!