Well Reporting System

Collecting numerous documents to produce an end of well report?

Spending hours looking for that BHA or bit that worked so well?

Is preparing a good offset well review a cumbersome job?


Let WellRep do the work for you!

Why use a reporting database?

Certainly in-house developed spreadsheets or forms can be used to produce a variety of reports, but data input will be repetitive and prone to error.  When it comes to summarizing and analyzing data, all these reports will have to be consolidated manually into other in-house developed spreadsheets or forms.  This requires a lot of time and effort and it is not unlikely that formulas are (accidentally) modified, leading to incorrect results.

Using the Softdrill NL Well Reporting System, data is collected and input as “raw” date whilst the well is being drilled.   Because of the well structured database, defining the logical relations between data, data is consolidated without further user intervention when it comes to printing a variety of reports and summaries.

The primary objectives on which the Well Reporting System was built are easy data entry and post-well data analysis.  To achieve these objectives, the features below were incorporated.

Structured and scalable database

Thanks to a well structured database design, the Well Reporting System allows for data input on the basis of the “write once – read many” principle.  Logical relations between the various data tables allow for optimized data searches, summaries and consolidation. Read more…

Data input

Packed with features to make data input as easy as possible.  Includes several features to re-use data with a minimum effort. Copy tool inventories between wells, tallies between BHA’s, etc.   Read more…

Flexible units of measurement

Display and print data in your preferred units of measurement.  Work on the same data with multiple users, each using their own preferred units.  Units can even be changed “on the fly”.  Read more…

Customizable lookup data

Consistent data input is enforced by lists of allowable values.  Data tables containing allowable values can be modified to customize the Well Reporting System to your company’s requirements.  Read more…

Searchable BHA compositions

Search for specific BHA compositions thanks to a special coding system.  Find runs for BHA’s with a similar bit type, stabilizer placement, bend angle and so on!  Read more…

Accurate tool tracking

Automated and accurate tracking of tool utilization and hours through intelligent linking of Equipment Inventory and BHA data.  Read more…