Easy data entry

Copying data

Several features are provided to copy entire blocks of data.

  1. Copy Equipment Inventory between wells.  Very useful when batch drilling and the same inventory is used to drill multiple wells.
  2. Copy BHA composition.  When a BHA is re-run with only 1 or 2 changes, it is easier to copy the entire composition from the previous run and then make the required changes.  This avoids having to re-enter the entire composition from scratch.
  3. Daily Report data.  Daily Cost, Personnel on Board and Bulk data may be copied by a single mouse click from a previous report.  Once copied, data may be edited quickly rather than having to completely re-enter all items.

Dragging & drop

Single or multiple tool records can be copied between Equipment Inventories and BHA Compositions by drag & drop.  This may be on the same well or between wells although the latter has some restrictions.  For further details on these restrictions, please refer to Well Reporting System – Tool Records.

Optimum use of the keyboard

The Well Reporting Systems contains many features to make data input as easy as possible.

The entire user interface was designed so that required use of the mouse is kept to a minimum.  This is achieved by enabling the Tab and Shift-Tab keys to move forward and backward through the input controls.

When editing data in a grid, the Enter key will commit the input and move the next column.  In the last column it will automatically add a new row and move to the first column. When pressing Control-D (Ditto function) in a cell, the value in the same cell of the previous row is copied.  This is especially useful in grids with a lot of repeated data where only a few cell values may change (e.g. drilling parameters).

DataEntry_DropdownDrop-down lists are capable of incremental searching.  The user may simply start typing and the list will automatically drop down.  As characters are input, the list is filtered to the values starting with matching characters.  Once the list is filtered to only a few items, the required item can quickly be selected with the up and down arrow keys and committed with the Enter key.