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  • Has the software been scanned for viruses and malware?
    Yes.  All installation package have been scanned by an up-to-date virus and malware scanner prior to packaging.  To ensure the installation package originates from Softdrill NL and has not been tampered with, it is signed with a digital certificate.  For further information, please refer to the Code Signing page.
  • On which operating systems can I run the software?
    All Softdrill NL software has been tested and approved for installation on Windows 7 , 8, 8.1 and 10.  The programs themselves are 32 bit but will run on 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Some users have successfully installed our software on an Apple computer using a virtual Windows PC.  This has not been tested by Softdrill NL, but if you're interested in setting this up, please contact us for assistance. Please note that in order to install the software or run automated updates from within the programs, it is required that you have administrative access rights on the computer.  If in doubt consult your IT department or contact Softdrill NL through the Request Support form.


  • How is the CodeMeter License Key updated?
    Normally there is no requirement to update the CodeMeter license key.  However, if an additional license is purchased it can be added to the license key through a simple email process. Further information is provided here.
  • How is the software licensed?
    All Softdrill NL software is licensed by the CodeMeter License Management system.  A license to use the software is contained on a hardware or software license key. With the installation of our software, the CodeMeter License Manager is installed.  The CodeMeter License Manager is an intermediate software layer between the program in use and the license key.   A detailed explanation of how the CodeMeter License Manager and license keys function can be found here.