Updating the CodeMeter license key


Normally speaking there is no requirement to update the CodeMeter license key.  All keys are delivered with an infinite validity.  Previously, with the HASP license keys, licenses had to be renewed every 6 months to protect against theft or loss of the key.  With the CodeMeter license keys, the serial number of lost or stolen key is reported and the key will automatically be disabled from further use.  This allows us to replace such keys (subject to fair use policy) at the cost of a key, rather than a full new license for the software.

In certain circumstances however there may be a requirement to update the license key.  This may be the case if additional licenses are purchased or in case of rental agreements.  The process to update the key is described below.

Updating the license key

Open de CodeMeter Control Center

CodeMeter_SysTrayDouble-click the CodeMeter icon in the System Tray.  The System Tray is in the bottom-right corner of your screen.  Alternatively you may right-click the icon and select Show…

Select license key and update

On the License tab in the CodeMeter Control Center, select the license key you wish to update (1) and click the License Update button (2).


Produce the update request file

Produce the update request file by following the steps on screen.

First select ‘Create a license request’ and click Next.


On the next step select ‘Extend existing license’ and click Next.


Select producer ‘Softdrill NL’ (the number in brackets will be different, depending on the type of license key you are updating) and click Next.


Save the .WibuCmRaC file to a folder of your choice.  It is recommended to leave the file name unchanged, but with the button you may choose an alternative location.  Save the file by clicking the Commit button.


Send the .WibuCmRaC file you just generated, as an attachment to an email to support@softdrill.nl.

Update the license key

By return email you will receive a .WibuCmRaU file containing the license updates for your license key.  Save this file to a location of your preference (e.g. Windows Desktop).

Next open the CodeMeter Control Center and drag the .WibuCmRaU onto its window to import and activate the license update(s).  Alternatively you may also use the File / Import license… option in the main menu of the CodeMeter Control Center to import and activate the license update file.

You can check whether the updates were applied correctly by going to Help / About… in the main menu of the programs you have a license for.  This box shows relevant information on the license key for the program.  If the key contains licenses for multiple programs, you need to check for each program individually.