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The third sub-tab of the Input tab contains the Survey data and Tortuosity input.


Note the collapse button  on the top-right of the Survey data and Tortuosity group boxes.  With these buttons, each group box may be collapsed to provide more room for other group box.


Survey/wellplan comment

Comments applicable to the survey/wellplan data. For example the revision number and date of the directional wellplan used.


Survey/wellplan data

Input of survey data.  Only measured depth (MD), inclination (Inc.) and hole direction (Dir.) have to be input.  Remaining fields (Build Rate, Walk Rate, DLS and Radius) will be calculated. Radius is the radius of curvature for the DLS calculated. The Comment field may used as required, any value is acceptable.


Survey data may be actual surveys taken or a directional wellplan.  A mixture of actual surveys and a wellplan (e.g. a sidetrack wellplan tied on to an existing wellbore) is also acceptable.

For wellplans, only the so-called critical points (kick off point, end of build, start of drop, etc.) have to be entered.  The program will interpolate/extrapolate survey data as and when required.

Survey data (or wellplan data) may also be imported from the Windows clipboard or from a text file.


Apply tortuosity

This checkbox determines if the random tortuosity, defined in Tortuosity data is actually applied when calculating the Torque & Drag model.


Tortuosity data

Definition of the random tortuosity applied.



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