Introduction to CodeMeter

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All Softdrill NL software is licensed through the CodeMeter License Management system. The CodeMeter License Manager software (CodeMeter Runtime) is installed separately from any of the Softdrill NL programs. This only has to be done once.


The CodeMeter License Manager software is installed as an intermediate layer between the Softdrill NL software and the CodeMeter license key provided when you purchase the software. The software does not communicate directly with the license key but rather with the CodeMeter Runtime. After receiving a license request, the CodeMeter Runtime searches for the presence of a license key containing a valid license and communicates the result back to the software. Depending on the result, the software is allowed to run or will terminate execution.




License keys

Two types of license keys are available: hardware (USB dongle) or software.

Note the distinction between a license and a license key.  A license key (hardware or software) is a container for licenses.  This means that a license key can hold licenses for multiple programs but also more than one license per program.  For example: a single license key can hold 2 WellRep licenses, 2 Torque &  Drag licenses and 1 Hydraulics license.


Hardware license key


The type of key has no effect on the software, but each type has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
These have summarized in the table below which may be useful for selecting the right key for a specific work environment and preferences.



The license is held on a USB dongle and can easily be transferred between computers. If a computer fails, working may easily be continued on another computer by easily transferring the license key.

The license key is bound to a computer and cannot be transferred to another computer.

The USB key may get lost or stolen.  The key also has a higher risk of becoming damaged.

No loose USB key that may get lost, stolen or become damaged.

Ideal for use in the field.

Ideal for office environments.




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