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For existing installations of the Well Reporting System (WellRep), it may become necessary to update (upgrade) the underlying database structure when a new release of the software becomes available.  New features in the software may require expansion of some of the data tables with new data fields.  In that case, older versions of the database, that are missing the added fields, will not be compatible with the new version of WellRep.  This cannot be avoided, because existing databases are never overwritten to prevent loss of data.

It should be noted that existing fields will never be removed from the database.  This to ensure that newer databases remain compatible with older program versions.

When WellRep is started and connected to a database, the database will be checked for the correct version.  If the database is an older (incompatible) version, WellRep will show a warning box and cancel the database connection attempt. 

To upgrade the database, the procedure described below must be followed.


Before you begin

To prevent accidental data loss, it is strongly recommended that you make a back-up of the database before starting the update process. To back up your database, go to the folder where the database has been installed (typically C:\Database\Wellrep) and select all files in the folder (use Ctrl-A).  Copy all selected files to a temporary folder you have created anywhere on your computer (or on a USB stick or external hard disk). 

Alternatively you can export each individual well in the database and re-import into a new (or upgraded) database.

If you choose to do so, please ensure the export files were created with WellRep version 1.0.10 or later as export files generated with earlier versions will not be compatible.

If you choose not to make a back-up of your data, you do this at your own responsibility! Softdrill NL does not accept any responsibility for any loss of data that may result from this process if no back-up was made.


Updating the database

With the installation of WellRep, a utility program called SD_DBUpdater.exe was installed in the WellRep program folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Softdrill NL\WellRep Reporting System).  This program should be run to update a database.

Right-click on the Softdrill NL WellRep icon on the desktop and select 'Open file location' to quickly access the program folder.  Locate SD_DBUpdater.exe and double-click it to run the update program.



1.If it is not already active, select the 'Database connect' tab sheet and open the database to be updated.  Click on ‘Open database…’ and select a file called SD_WellRep.add.  Typically you will find this file in the default database folder (C:\Database\Wellrep), but you may also have databases in other locations that you may need to update.  Any valid WellRep database can be updated with this utility.

2.Disable logins.  Ensure no other users can log in to your database as the update process required unique administrative access to the database.  Ensure you are the only user currently logged in.  If not instruct other users to log out; use ‘Refresh user list’ to update the list until only the ADSSYS user (you) is logged in.

In order to run the update program and log in to a database, a valid CodeMeter WellRep license must be available.



3.Load the applicable update script from the WellRep folder (typically typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Softdrill NL\WellRep Reporting System) by clicking the ‘Select update query’ button.  Only one script will be applicable to your current database version and named accordingly.  For example: if your current database version is 1.2, the update script will be named Update_1-2.sql and can only be used to update a version 1.2 database to version 1.3.  If you ever skipped an intermediate release of WellRep and you need to update from 1.2 to 1.4, you will need to run two update scripts (i.e. Update_1-2.sql and then Update_1-3.sql)

4.Click the ‘Update database’ button to update your database.  This button will be disabled if the selected update script is invalid for your current database version.

5.Optionally you can now delete the folder containing the back-up of the database you made as recommended in ‘Before you begin…’ but make sure all updates were applied correctly by first opening the updated database with the new WellRep version.




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