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Welcome to the Well Reporting System (WellRep)


The Softdrill NL Well Reporting System (WellRep) is a program to collect, report and analyze (drilling) data.  It is built on the foundation of a relational database.  The program and database have been designed on the criteria that each element of information must only be captured once and re-used where necessary ("once in – many out principle") and that no user input is required for any data that can be compiled from existing input such as total hours, average ROP, etc.


Although most of the data input screens are designed to be as intuitive as possible, it is a good idea to carefully read through this manual and become familiarized with the overall structure of the database and program layout in order to have obtain a good understanding of the intended work flows and how the data is aggregated in order to produce the final output.


How to get started


Before you start working with the program, it is suggested to read through the following sections:


What's New. Provides an overview of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for the current and previous versions of the program.


WellRep Main Form. Provides an overview and description of the primary functions in the program's main form.


Database structure. Overview of the database structure and definition of data entity types and data entities.


Units of measurement. Explanation how units of measurement are used in WellRep.


Connect to database. Guidelines to connect to a database and how to use database aliases.


Data entity menu. Explanation on the available functions to work with data entities (for example to create, edit or delete a well)


Once you have read these sections, it is time to create your first well.


In addition, reading the following sections is also strongly recommended.


Working with data grids.  All data grids in WellRep have the options available to group, sort and/or filter the displayed data.


Useful data input tips.  Several tips to work with the program and enter data to minimize use of the mouse.


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