Single depth report

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For the single depth calculation mode a report can be printed that provides an overview of all data input.  If random wellbore tortuosity was applied to a wellplan, the resulting simulated surveys will be printed.


Just below the input data, the surface tension and torque are printed.  If block weight was input and applied in the calculation, the indicated weight for the calculated surface tension values will also be printed.  Subsequently one or more pages with charts (tension, torque, normal force are printed).  Charts will be printed as shown on screen (scale, line colors, line thicknesses, etc.).


One or more charts may be omitted from the report in the General chart settings.

Report logos may be changed in Program Settings.



Optionally, detailed calculation results may be included in the report.  Just before building the report, this option is provided through the following dialog:



Selecting Yes will include the detailed results, No will omit them and Cancel will cancel the entire report.


The detailed results will print a record for each calculation point for each operational mode.  For a deep well (high bit depth) this may result in a long report taking a long time to prepare.


The Detailed Results will be printed as shown below.  For detailed information on the printed data columns, please refer to Result data.



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