Result data

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The third tab of the Torque & Drag form presents the calculation results in a tabular format.


Operational mode

Operational mode for which the data is currently displayed in the grid.


Measured depth

The Measured Depth (along hole Depth) for the calculation result point.


Sorting of the data by Measured Depth may be toggled between ascending and descending by clicking on the column header. The sort order is indicated by the triangle in the header.


Hole size and string dimensions

Hole size (casing ID) and drill string element dimensions at Measured Depth.


Inclination, direction and friction factor

Inclination, hole direction and friction factor at Measured Depth.


Tension and torsional limits

Tension and torsional limits of the drill string element at Measured Depth.


Buckling forces

The calculated compressional force (= tension < 0 by convention) at which sinusoidal (Fsin) and helical (Fhel) will occur at Measured Depth.


Normal force, tension and torque

Normal force (per step length), cumulative tension and torque at Measured Depth.


Drillstring component

Description of drill string element at Measured Depth.



Result data may be exported by right-clicking on the data grid.  This will display the following menu:



[Copy result data] will copy the entire content of the data grid to the Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted into (for example) an Excel spreadsheet.  Likewise, the [Export result data to Excel file...] will save the entire data grid content to an Excel file.  Prior to saving, a dialog box is shown so that the file name and the folder in which to save the file may be selected.


Using either option is useful to perform additional analysis, prepare custom charts, etc.


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