Program settings

Softdrill NL   


Various program settings (primarily charts) may be (permanently) changed by selecting [Edit chart settings...] in the chart menu.  This will display the following dialog box.


General chart settings

In this grid general setting for the different charts may be changed.  Show legend controls display of the chart legend. If the Manual scaling checkbox is checked, this means the chart was scaled with the mouse. Unchecking this box will rescale the chart to its original setting.  The Print checkbox determines if the chart is included in the printed report.


Curve settings

These settings control the appearance of the various tension/torque/normal force curves. They can be hidden, their color and line thickness can be changed and it can be defined to include markers of calculated points and the size thereof.


The hole section and drill string markers on the chart (see Result chart) are treated as "virtual" curves.  As such their properties (visibility, color, line type, etc.) may be changed here as well.


Chart background color

The background color of the chart may be changed.  This is particularly useful when copy and pasting the chart into other documents (e.g. Powerpoint presentation) which may have a different background color.


Default settings

After making all the required changes, settings may saved to be used as default settings by clicking the checkbox before clicking [OK].  The next time the program is opened, all settings will be restored to the user's preference. To reset to the Softdrill NL defaults, click the button.



The second tab of the settings dialog box, is to set the logos for printed reports.


The logo's may be selected from file or saved to file (for sharing between Torque & Drag calculations) by using the relevant buttons. Note that the logo's have a right-click menu that also provides options for copy & paste operations.




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