Torque & drag form

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When starting a new Torque & Drag calculation, the following form will be displayed.


Case information

The Case information group box contains several inputs to describe the Torque & Drag calculation model.  These inputs have no effect on the calculation and are provided to identify the Torque & Drag calculation (e.g. on printed reports).


The Case no. field is provided to distinguish between calculations for the same drill string (BHA) on the same well.  This is useful when comparing calculations with varying input (e.g. slightly different BHA composition, different mud weight, different friction factors, etc.).

Note the collapse button  on the top-right of the group box.  With this button, the group box can be collapsed to provide more room for the input and result tabs below.

Input and result tabs

The second part of the screen contains three tabs:


1.The Case data contains all data input, divided in three sub-tabs: Settings & Parameters, Hole Sections & Drillstring and Survey Data.

2.The Result graph tab contains the charts for the calculation result.  The type of chart is dependent on the Calculation mode selected.

3.The Result data tab contains the detailed calculation result data in tabular format. This data can be exported to file or Windows clipboard for further processing.



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